Schizophrenia linked with abnormal immune response to Epstein-Barr virus


New research from Johns Hopkins Medicine and Sheppard Pratt Health System shows that people in the study with schizophrenia also have higher levels of antibodies against the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a herpes virus that causes infectious mononucleosis, so-called mono.


A antibody discovered that may treat EBV, Maybe it could help with schizo?


My mom had mono before I was born…coincidence?


:o could be something to it.


She had it growing up, I guess. Many years before I was born, but maybe it’s genetic or something.


Its a virus so it would be passed on from her to you, It will be interesting to see more research on this to see if a vaccine will change symptoms.


I had EBV twice even though you’re only supposed to get it once. Some people, like me, don’t get immune the first time.


Maybe there is a link? time will tell.


I’d believe there’s a link easily. You never know how a virus can affect you.


This is a realistic model of the objective research.
The main aim is clear from the beginning ,therefor they have avoid the repeated dilemma(the cause/effect)
They say ;
-The study wasn’t designed to determine Cause and Effect
-So we did this study to look at the association.
The relationship between this EBV infection and schizophrenia.
A herpes virus that cause infectious mononucleosis ,so-called mono.

When they find some aspects of relations between EBV and SZ
They assume that,if they can treatment the EBV ,they think that this treatment may be have a positive effect on people with schizophrenia !
(no one talking about final recovery from sz )

I think,the disease risks are the factors that add fuel to the fire ( they do not causing the sz but they increasing the intensity of effect and its reflected reactions
in other words,in the first episode of sz,if the person have already some psychological problems, suffer from poor education/job, bad friends ,family dissociation,some organic disease…etc this add fuel to the fire (increasing the worst of the effect / the symptoms )


As usual,we don’t agree with the researcher when he postulates a definition to the sz condition.
He said " schizophrenia is a mental disorder where the patients have disordered thinking,perception,emotions,language,sense of self and behavior "

He look at the sz as if it is a group of symptoms {reflected reactions }.
But we say;
Effect of Sz causing unusual /unexpected symptoms of mental disorder
It means that,the schizophrenia is the Cause,while the mental disorder is the Result {reflected reactions which classified as a symptoms of mental disorder }
-Schizophrenia potential state is not a Mental Disorder ,but it is the Cause of this mental disorder

This difference will give you a clear notion about the causality relation between what is a schizophrenia and the symptoms of the mental disorder
The main equation for the whole schizophrenic condition;
human nature (biology/psychology)+ SZ cause>>bilateral interaction +reflected reactions