Schizophrenia linked to weed use

I think it was something biological. And maybe me starting young made that worse. Weed was a much harder drug for me than cocaine or alcohol or pills. I’d compare it to speed in how high it made me.

I started using daily very quickly after trying it the first time and it quickly hijacked my entire life to the point that almost all I cared about was getting high. And I tried to fight it all those years as well. I restricted at what time of the day I started smoking because I would get too paranoid to go outsude and not get anything done at all. I’d just sit in the couch for the rest of the day even if I started in the morning.

I still really miss weed and have fantasies about smoking weed again at some time in the future when it won’t destroy my life. It’s really the best high any drug has given me. The comedown from harder drugs makes them really hard to do. Weed is easy.

My wife commented on how I looked at her funny when we first got married. She likes the occasional glass of wine and will put the cork back in the bottle or the cap back on after. I guess I would give her the strangest look because not emptying a bottle is a foreign concept to me. You open it, you empty it, you open the next one.

I’m not the type to do anything halfway

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That’s really interesting.

I’m glad you were able to quit considering the negative impact on your life.

You’re right, weed is easier than other drugs.

But for me it isn’t that potent or super fun.

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does it not make one a bit dopey


Not really.

I stayed stoned from age twelve to current and have had a lot of success.

Got all the way through school,

Gained my degree,

Held several good jobs.

I don’t think it made me “dopey”.

To be real honest, the only reason I had to stop working and furthering my education is because I went on APs.

They made me “dopey”.

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I’m pro cannabis 100%. I will say though that it can be addicting in certain situations. I’ve had a few times where smoking weed consumed me. It was addicting then. However, most of the time I can quit no big deal. It’s definitely not physically addicting just mentally. When I was doing weed and coke in the Army. The weed was the most addicting. I guess it just matters what headspace you’re in. I’m not articulate enough to explain what I mean clearly.

I call bs on that gateway ■■■■. If that’s true than cigs are a gateway to weed

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Its actually other way around. People who just “only smoke weed” start smoking cigs whrn they cant get any weed and get hooked on tobacco

That’s all kinds of holy crap. Hope you weren’t the one carrying the SAW.

The funny part is I was.

I have a picture of me with a saw. I’ll see if I can find it.

I should add I never deployed. The Vietnam GIs ■■■■■■ up drug usage for military. With all their rapes and mass killings drugged out. Now they give you the boot even just for weed if your e-4 and below. Any higher I’m sure there is more tolerance. I don’t know for sure

Please try not to hate me but regular cannabis user also tend to be, by and large, regular denialists when it comes to the dangers of cannabis. More importanly, was exactly is the appeal of hash? I’ve used it fewer than 20 times in my entire life (and I’m quite old now), and have experienced its effects to the fullest, including the recent incident I reported here about astral family visits to my room. The long and short of it is that in -except when consumed in high doses- hash is not even particularly interesting, certainly not when compared to opiates or hallucinogenics or even absinthe.

I personally just stay away from it for the most part. I like the way it relaxes my body but I don’t like the way it affects my brain. So if I do partake I do one hit and go to bed or better yet do some edibles and doze off. I also don’t partake in alcohol. It doesn’t mix well with my personality and I never know my limit. I put weed and alcohol in roughly the same category for myself

That’s a pretty dumb statement.
That’s how it is for you, not necessarily others.

Yawn. Yet another weed thread :expressionless:

even if weed doesnt cause schizophrenia, it has negative effects on a significant amount of people with schizophrenia and has triggered first episodes and relapses in many of us

A bit of a strawman argument, isn’t it? I have not said or implied nor do I think that what is true for me is also true for others. False premise false conclusion. I was only reporting on my personal experiences like all of us do when discussing our relationship with drugs. I hope that clears matters but based on past experiences it almost certainly won’t.

I think if you read your post again you will see that’s not how it reads. But you can deflect and say you meant whatever you want if that makes you feel better.

I think selectively breeding it for high thc is wrong.

Idk what medical grade cannabis thc and cbd ratios are though.

Nature often provides things as they should be, but then again farmers and agriculturalists usually perfect crops for certain traits so cannabis could be perfected to make it safer.

I wish I could have a joint everyday but I reckon weed makes you stupid and slow.

The best drug is caffeine. Wakes me up, helps me workout and helps me focus whether it’s gaming, studying or reading.

I think you should consult a third reader you trust and get a second opinion about my comment. It’s incredible how your pride and need for domination gets the better of you. And all of this because as a reluctant snowflake you felt offended by my unflattering portrait of regular hash users. Always the same shhit with you, you obviously were deflecting your frustration by attacking a trivial point I made about my own tastes and even there you get it wrong. Basically what you’re saying is that you believe that I believe that what I find interesting others also find interesting. If I find absinthe more interesting than hash then, according to you, I also believe that other people find absinthe more interesting than hash! This level of dumbness and lack of semantic acumen reaches cringiness level.
Conclusion? Complete waste of time try to discuss things over with you. I’m done answering your silly provocations.

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