Schizophrenia – Keeping It Real

it Has some real insight about negative symptoms meds and supplements

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Interesting info about the HPA axis’s role in schizophrenia.

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Interesting, so schizophrenics should avoid monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Didn’t know that.

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The beneficial effects of short-term glycine administration in chronic schizophrenic subjects have been shown to persist after discontinuation for at least 8 weeks…

I could not tolerate Glycine but Sarcosine is the same but highly concentrated and works longer (in other words is better for some)

Above is proof that i just found that Sarcosine or Glycine can reverse a anti seizure (lamictal 25 mg) or other medication induced psychosis. not only in just me alone; good news i bring you for today :smiley:

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me neither cows eat grass indeed haha

thats what happened to me sadly enough NMS with drug induced psychosis from lamictal
It was described on another site as tardive psychosis a rare :frowning: form of psychosis induced by a med a rare side effect, the person ILADVOCATE from medhelp took Glycine and recovered, unfortunatelly my friend here is in a wheelchair but he gave me and you all hope.

i took sarcosine from brainvitaminz and thats what it did to me i have strong beliefs too…

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Article’s saying that a lack of sugar is bad for schizophrenics, but ketosis is a beneficial state to be in …