Schizophrenia is ruining my mental health and Tobacco takes care of the rest

That said, I will try quitting tobacco - at least that’s possible. One important rule is: when I badly want to smoke a sig, I need to wait 10 minutes before I give myself a permission to do that. Hopefully this 10 minutes long “buffer” makes me want to change my mind and not smoke.

The beginning is hardest, but when I get used to living without tobacco, it should be easy to refuse smoking. I want to start taking care of myself and live active life. Tobacco makes me ill and tired. As you may know, more than half of the schizos smoke.

There’s lots of other things I could do instead, like starting to exercise, playing PC games, producing more music, writing articles to my blog, meeting friends, going out, reading a book, making delicious food, watching a movie, cleaning my home, going to sauna etc.

I am 35 and I have no “license” anymore to keep smoking. And tbh, I’m tired of the routine I have had for decades already. Anyway, I am 100% sure that my life needs some changes. And the first step is getting a good health.



Have you tried.nicotine replacement therapy, like gum, patches, sprays, even ecigs?

i smoke a lot…dont know why i havent hit cancer.

ive tried nrt, gum and patches and never worked for me…it was always Ciggs that i missed. ill try E-Cig to see if that makes a difference.

OK, get an eliquid that has 20mg nicotine to start with. I’ve been off cigs and on ecigs for over a year now.


I was a real heavy smoker. 40 roll ups a day. Ecigs have enabled me to stop tobacco (bar one weekend were I had tobacco).

Would recommend getting a good variable voltage device.

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Wow that a lot !. My limit is around 25 a day.

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I remember when I first realised I was a smoker. I was sharing a flat with 4 guys. We all smoked socially but then one day one of guys said ‘you James are a real smoker’ and he was right. Smoked for 15 years.

Best of luck!!! My mom died of lung cancer and it’s horrifying. I read a book years ago that was an amusing autobiography. I can’t remember the title, but I’ll always remember how the guy quit smoking. He said he chain-smoked an entire pack of cigarettes, and put each one out in a glass of water. When he had finished smoking, he drank the glass of water. And he never smoked again. I like your idea of waiting ten minutes better… Truly hope it works for you!