Schizophrenia is an excuse to do nothing everyday

If I could work I would.
But I’m not even well enough to volunteer part time.

My therapist is understanding this.

My psychiatrist agrees with this.

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I hate work.

I find the goals of my employer to be pointless and wrong.

I don’t agree with the end state. I cannot motivate myself to work.

I don’t know what you mean by guy member. Women work as well.

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Who are you talking to?

Not you. Yingyang.

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For the love of god keep working! You will live without a job when your get older! Or quit up to you, but you seem to be very wealthy and self supportive! Congrats! I rely on the state and my mother which means I’m screwed if I loose one of them

You will inherit your mum’s pension and house.

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I wish I could work again even if its not with my physiotherapy degree. If you can work then work. Like you said not working is bad for mental health.

I think this is something people who work don’t get…but just because I have all day to access the internet and be with my dogs doesn’t mean I find it fulfilling or like it. I get very little money and live month to month trying to satiate my mind while being responsible, and even though I have the internet and a back log of games…I’m still bored. If I had a successful life making money and I thought I could take a break to get on disability I could see the appeal, but not for someone who can actually make a go at having a life, being someone desirable to marry and have a relationship with.

I’m living life like a parasite and even though my whole family has paid taxes all their lives and I my self have earned my disability insurance, it doesn’t feel fulfilling, it isn’t a life I recommend anyone lead unless they have no other choice for their health.


Do you dislike the specific computer programming job you currently have or do you dislike computer programming in general?

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I dislike my current job. Micromanaged.

Then the problem is the people you’re working with?

If you think sick pay is derisory, how do you think you’ll feel on welfare? Try it for awhile.
It’s terrible.
And what’s worse is that a lot of us want to work, and yet we are unable.
Maybe you should try not working or not being productive for a few years, and see how that feels as well.
I wish I could handle a job.
If you’re able to do so, please don’t take that for granted.


Is changing jobs an option?

Yes I could change jobs.


Sick pay is less than welfare in the UK.

I’m sorry that’s the case, but the trade off for being sick AND not working isn’t worth it.

Perhaps if the issue is that welfare is more ££ than sick pay at your job, and you’re not fulfilled at your job, seeking another job might be your answer.

May I ask why you are on sick leave at the moment?

I was in hospital for schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts.

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That sounds awful, and I’ve been there. I do believe that being on welfare is a bit of a trap, because it’s difficult to go back to work once you have it. At least in the states. It’s a pit that forces us into abject poverty here. I really think rearranging your work environment somehow will be better than having to be on welfare to live. After months or years of welfare, you’ll feel a bit worthless. It’s lack of purpose that drives us to suicidal thoughts, after all.

For me, schizophrenia isn’t an excuse. It’s the explanation.

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Don’t forget the female members.

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