Schizophrenia is an excuse to do nothing everyday

I’m slowly coming to the realization that schizophrenia is a good excuse to do nothing everyday and just claim benefits/welfare.

Should I?

I currently work as a software engineer for a big news company but I’m off sick. Currently receiving statory sick pay which is derisory.

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Your health will probably get worse at least usually that’s the case with motivation/purpose? Seems so at least.

If you can work, you should work. Staying home doing nothing gets horrible after like a month. Not to mention disability pays a minimal amount compared to living wages.


My health would get very bad if I did nothing.

I would go for walks and maybe the gym to use their running machine when covid is over.

But doing nothing would be very bad for my mental health.

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@chronological Do something with your life instead of wasting time doing nothing. I regret that now and have seen 10 years of my life just pass away. If you are a software engineer then continue coding. Doing nothing and living off of disability benefits contributes nothing to your country’s economy and raises the unemployment rate. You’ll never receive a higher income on disability than if you worked.

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I can’t concentrate like I used to. I’m thinking of taking my savings and living free for a few years and doing my own thing. Programming computers used to be my hobby.

Honestly. Is it worth sacrificing or risking?

Many people affected by the illness would give up disability and free days if they were functional enough to work. And there’s surely good reason for it.

Perhaps you’re just in a slight slump atm because you’ve fallen ill.

I do nothing and use it as an excuse, I don’t even get symptoms unless stressed. Not gonna do that foreve though

I can’t work for many, very good, reasons. I get severe, daily, sometimes more often, migraines that are very hard to treat. And they totally incapacitate me.

Another reason is that I don’t and cannot drive due to very poor judgment and reasoning due to longterm sza.
And that poor judgment makes me a very bad candidate for a job. As a lot of everything I say and do is inappropriate due to sza.

I’m also very hard of hearing, even with hearing aids, which makes life miserable for everyone around me.

Another reason is that I haven’t worked since 1993, and I’m 61 years old now, worn out, close to retirement and totally out of the game. I don’t think anyone would look at me and think, employment material.


I don’t care about my country’s employment rate. Working does NOT pay in the UK. You cannot afford a house in the UK even if you work.


You may not care about the unemployment rate but your government and politicians do. Working for a salary or hourly wage is better than receiving a monthly lump sum of money that is much less than if you were working. I don’t know what the housing situation is in the UK but I’m sure renting a flat/apartment/condo is an alternative.

I currently rent a flat and have £300 rent. I have £58k in savings. Earn £35,000 a year. But I hate my job with a passion.


You may hate your job but falling into the deep hole of welfare is worst. If I had the choice, I would have continued working and stay away from disability benefits. I’ll tell you it’s tough, really tough and any other guy member on this forum can tell you their similar experience.


Its true, you don’t work and you slowly degrade. I would like to feel necessary, and have purpose. I always feel like people are hating me because they know I don’t work and there is no reason they can see that I don’t.

To say nothing of the lost social skills and thicker skin from being “out there”.

I just can’t imagine something that I could do that I would make a living wage. And manage that something.

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I share my rent with someone else, it’s £650 but the couple I live with contribute £350 and I contribute £300 from my savings.

Nobody hates you eek… People who are ignorant hate schizophreniacs. You have nothing to worry about.

You’re right about degrading.

Yes, it’s different for men than for women.

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I beg to differ, there are plenty of hateful and spiteful and even vengeful people out there. I would also point out that mentally ill people are a vulnerable population that is sometimes victimized.

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Tell me more about your hateful and spiteful people.

One of the reasons I often feel victimized is because I have trouble explaining and justifying my opinions. If you or anyone is going to tell me though that there are not bad people out there… That’s just ridiculous.