"Schizophrenia" in big red letters on my chart, at my primary care's office

It’s not even my only chronic condition so I know they weren’t just listing my issues.

It was disappointing.

I was in there for something completely unrelated.

I know it’s important that they know, but seriously?

Didn’t make me feel good.


I’m really sorry that happened :confused: I thought we had moved past those days but I guess not


yea i’m sorry to hear that too…

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Thats really sad. Sorry to hear your primary care is living in the past.

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who cares what others think hey?

It is such a devastating word. It sounds powerful when people say it. The connotations are so encompassing. The fear of it, the stigma of it and the feelings it generates for both the person who has it and the person saying it.

I feel you. Chin up and carry on. :slight_smile:


I mean, the fact is its a medical practitioner. They are an authority of medical conditions. And we are supposed to trust them. Its quite dehumanising thing to do. Very othering.

Who cares what they think?


It’s my doctor’s office.

My primary care office.

They need to see me as something other than just a schizophrenic.


Have you considered writing to them along these lines?

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celebrate ur sz…

I haven’t thought about writing them.

I’m already kind of a difficult patient and I don’t want to make things worse,

But I don’t like being labeled like that.

@san_pedro, that doesn’t even make sense.

Why would I celebrate having schizophrenia?


I don’t think I would be upset. Schizophrenia impacts a lot of information about a complex chemistry of drugs you may be on to handle your disorder that is very important for any other medication they might offer you.

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unqueiness…yes unqueness

Yes I’m sorry @anon54386108 but I’m not surprised that a gp would do this.


I understans your concern. If it was me, I would worry they’s treat any symptom I listed as something I was making up.
Or maybe talk to me like a child. I’ve had that happen before.


are u acting odd?

Who are you talking to?

talking t u 151515

Yea it dont feel good.

He cant be a very good doctor, sorry to say rexy !


I don’t think I’m acting odd.

Why would you say that?

Do you think I’m acting odd?