Schizophrenia - if one piece falls it all falls down

If you can come up with one symptom that can’t be. The whole illness that is schizophrenia all falls down. I’m trying to say that if one thing doesn’t make sense none of it does. It would mean your delusions etc. are all false. Think about the most absurd symptom of your illness. Hang onto that as you struggle with insight. It should help you regain or maintain insight.

I know easier said than done.


Yeah it is, I’d rather have no symptoms at all

I Hear Voices. The Most “absurd”, is The Answer to Everyone’s Unending Questions.

About Life & Death.

I Don’t Hold The Answers. I Own Commonsense. I Own Paranoia. I Own Experience.

And Wisdom.

But I Don’t Know How to Build a Shelf. Nor Do I Have The Patience to Paint a Kitchen.

And Connectivity is Slightly Confusing. Especially When Traffic Can Sound Like a Giant Snake. Or!, Crashing Waves of The Ocean.

As Kurt Cobain Says, ‘All Apologies’, Now You Hear it Too.


As Radiohead Says, ‘House of Cards’?.

I Never Cared For That Song Much Anyways.

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

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