Schizophrenia Identified as Second Greatest Risk Factor For COVID-19 Death

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Good, death will cure me from sz 100%.

I wonder if the dead really get cured from mental illnesses.


Propaganda Has Won.

Once Again.

Do Not Tell A Friend.

It Will Surely Be…,

The End. . . . . . .


I just read that selah is probably a musical direction.


Perhaps More Propaganda (???).

Be Wise Upon Your Studies. . . . . . .


Sz is a human body disease and not a soul disease for me.

I think it affects the soul so I’m not sure if it’s curable.

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Second greatest risk factor after age. And they accounted for variables like smoking…


Actually it mentions Sz’s have an immune system ‘overdrive’ that triggers inflammation caused by ‘cytokines’…

I know the virus is ‘vascular’ and I think smoking(that’s another lens I’m viewing this through), causes inflammation in the lungs…

It sounds like something grisly adding it up.

@naturallycured, did you read this yet? It made me think of you for the parts I couldn’t understand!

I’m really not worried about Covid-19 at all.

I was worried way early on before people even heard about it, enough to buy 2 months of storable food, but now I’m just nodding my head at whatever new FUD comes out. It’s just a bad cold to me.

I really hope I qualify for a shot earlier because of this.

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