Schizophrenia has me down

Schizophrenia sucks it’s like having a peanut gallery all day every day. Being the only person out of a hundred that can sense these things is unbelievably lonely.

I wish that all the schizophrenics in the world could have their own planet. Then we wouldn’t have anybody telling us those voices aren’t real and that there is something wrong with me. And we could all talk about things that would be normal to us. I miss being able to talk to somebody and being on the same page.


We need normies to keep society running. But you’re right, it is lonely. And I could use a perspective acknowledging that it’s real.

I like your “peanut gallery” comment. :blush:
My viewpoint is that the voices and visions that I have ARE real. They’re very very real to me, so they’re real. How I deal with them is what allows me to function within the confines of society or not.
As long as I am also aware of my physical environment and conduct myself in a way that passes unnoticed in society, I don’t choose to negate my “other reality”. I incorporate them as much as possible.

The voices are real, they just come from your own brain. I think believing our hallucinations are anything but hallucinations really doesn’t help our recovery process.

Go somewhere and get a nice view and say “for this moment life is lovely”. I’m at beach in my car looking into Atlantic ocean right now :slight_smile:

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Normies need me to give them a standard for how quickly things should be done.

SZs can still be awesome, we just come in different flavours of it.