Schizophrenia has intelligence


Yes, probably. When I am sane I believe it. But when I am psychotic i consider them real beings


They’re very real and I consider them beings too, sentient beings. That doesn’t change the fact they’re in my head


I’m the same 15151515


Its a fine line between pleasure and pain.


SZ/SZA definitely knows your deepest secrets because it is part of you.


alter ego? 2222


That rings a bell. I recall when words were spoken that have not been used for many centuries. I had to look them up on Google.


Not mine. I’ve never trusted it from the beginning so I don’t tell it sh*t about my secrets.


Considering that it’s a malady of your brain perhaps it should be little surprise that the voices know how to think and the main things they think of or know about is you.


Most gibberish words have a meaning in one language or another. There are so many languages on earth that a random string of letters is bound to pop up as a word in some language.


I have heard it quote things that Socrates could have made up, but I think @goldenrex is right, it is just as intelligent as you are.


yah we are smart