Schizophrenia has intelligence


The illness itself. It knows you, it could do math if it wanted to… it knows your deepest secrets. What’s up with that?


Its only as intelligent as you are.


I don’t think schizophrenia can do math. I tried to get it to, but its answers were always wrong.


It has crazy intelligence, it thinks and reacts like a real person


Yeah, that’s one reason I think people are prone to delusions about it.


I tell them to count to ten but never happens


I think this theory needs some sort of end goal, what would be the point if any to think like this? What does it serve. This is kinda old school thinking and typical illness thinking that its some sort of being. Or is sentient or has intelligence. I believe personally that the illness is a combination of bad choices, along with enviornmental stress and self induced stress.


Are you speaking metaphorically?


I’m saying, it’s as if the illness has its own brain. It’s like a second person or multiple people inside you. It knows just as much as you do.


Even my hallucinations are related to whatever I’m thinking about at that time. Wicked ish.


That’s because hallucinations are products of your own mind.


Same here, it’s scary how real it is


A stupid, useless, homeless one in my case then.


Mine is pretty smart,smarter than me.


There’s nothing to say to this that won’t either trip the Discourse filters or result in multiple incoming ban hammers. There just isn’t.


Mine was pretty sick and twisted.


Mine is pretty intelligent. It somehow knows how to intimidate me.
But it can never do anything that I cannot do. I learned that it must be from myself.

I personally think I’m not intelligent myself, though.


I keep thinking, if my schizophrenia has an intelligence of its own, why do the voices only know the languages I know, at the level I know them?


My voices say words that I don’t know.
My subconscious is powerful and full of useless information and memories


Yeah, but they’re still construction of your mind