Schizophrenia gene

If you have certain genes you might be in trouble dude.

Some genes don’t get along with other genes it would seem.

Some uh dem genes mon look pretty tasty to mon.

There is no schizophrenia gene. There is a let’s ■■■■ with this guy’s head gene.

It’s like saying there is a bully gene if you are getting bullied by someone, don’t make no goddamn sense really.

So, whats the cause of schizophrenia? Plain and simple. Assholes. I have the help im getting murdered by assholes gene. Could the genes be involved, maybe, i don’t know. I just know what my condition is. They may as well call it “getting tortured by assholes disease.”

Psychiatry needs to read up on spirits, the abilities of spirits, witches, magic, meta physical things, stuff like this. Do it!

There are a number of SZ genes. This is 80% of the problem. The other 20% is left to the environment. You can’t do anything about having SZ genes. Once you’ve got them, they are there. You are born with them. What are you going to do? My uncle on my father’s side had SZ.