Schizophrenia friendly jobs?

What are good jobs for people with schizophrenia? Businesses to open?

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Here is a link to an article to schizophrenia friendly jobs Best (And Worst) Jobs For People With Schizophrenia. This is just the author’s opinion. Hopefully this gives you some ideas.


nice link i think that is accurate

It definitely rang true for me. There are some who do well in jobs that the article says is not a good fit for schizophrenia though. So, that’s why I say it’s the author’s opinion.

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Thank you for the link, this is a cool article

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You’re welcome. :blush:

Whoooooooops. Um. Yeah.

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My current job is on that list! And I excel at it!

Delivering packages – A package deliverer can be a relatively easy and enjoyable job that’s less likely to stress your triggers than many other professions. Each workday, you’ll get a list of addresses and then be expected to drive to each location to deliver a package. You may be required to get a signature from the receiver. If you enjoy driving and don’t mind a little bit of social interaction, this may be a good fit for you.


Brilliant article. Thanks.

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I would like an office job.


My job is the first listed!


We own a vending machine business

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My normal jobs were terrible for me. Even then, before psychosis. I was a management secretary and then a project manager. There was a lot of stress, overwork, good social and leadership skills needed, good executive functioning needed. I was very busy camouflaging and compensating, instead of doing what I’m good at. Every point in @SpringRose’s no-go-list was there.

Last years volunteering was great. I worked at an organic farm, just in the fields. It was hard work, but not emotionally or organizationally demanding. Now I have a volunteering job in a social-work-kind-of-coffee-bar. It’s good. It’s social, but they work with many “weird” people. There is low stress, low pace, low judgementalness.

I’d love to either work in nature again, or do some sort of specialized research. No idea how to reach that though. Especially in the latter field there is a lot of competitiveness and high demands.

I steal ■■■■. Tah heck with working.


Dad and I side hustle as handymans.


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something artistic, I think it´s pretty schizophrenia friendly.

I think IQ is an important factor for job selection, not just whether or not you have sz. Many people with sz are very smart but had their career path ruined by sz. I don’t think a potential lawyer or doctor should be forced into janitorial duties. Something so inappropriate for their IQ level might even be a trigger.

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Im in sales but its a low pressure, non strict, low stress, low demand position. Its a little bit higher on social skills though.

Its a safe job for me. I could definitely work a higher demand job but id have a high chance of burnout and meltdown.

I now paint for extra money on top of my disability check…thing is I only get paid every other year when I do an art show…so go figure…it’s a hobby so I’m happy with getting paid for it all is great for me and my wife.

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