Schizophrenia explained by a psychiatrist

This is an explanation of schizophrenia by Dr. Karl Deisseroth. It is an educated explanation, but by no means an exhaustive explanation.

Dr. Deisseroth earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, and his PhD and MD from Stanford University. He is a professor of bioengineering, psychiatry, and behavioral sciences at Stanford University. He has won multiple awards, including the Keio Medical Science Prize (2014) for his development of a new technology called optogenetics:


That was brilliant. Thanks for posting.

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Thank you very much.


Great video.

I think I’ll share it with my husband and sister.

Thanks, @anon16583342.

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Thank you. I’m glad it helps.

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Interesting video

The loom picture is freakishly similar to stuff I have drawn

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Great clip @anon16583342.

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Do you want me to post a clip in which this doctor explains autism spectrum disorder?

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Interesting… but I have seen the threads he talked about… am not living in a weave industrial revolution.

Thank you! I enjoyed watching that.

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didnt see it. that that dont know cant explain. some experiences he dont know.

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