Schizophrenia drug slows pancreatic cancer growth in mice

Pancreatic cancer often does not cause symptoms, so it is diagnosed late, metastasizes earlier than other cancer and rapidly becomes resistant to chemotherapy, making it one of the most difficult types of the disease to treat.

Researchers have found schizophrenia drugs were effective at slowing the growth of pancreatic tumors and impeding their ability to prolifierate, according to a study published in the journal Gastroenterology.

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How does someone know if a mouse is having word salad, or a hallucination, hearing voices? Glad somethings positive came from giving a rat a anti psychotic!

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great news szadmin!!! tthanks, judy

My Grandma dies of Pancreatic cancer. She had no symptoms until it was way too late. At first they didn’t even know where the cancer had started because it had metastasized so badly. That would be awesome if an AP could help with cancer. Any step toward curing cancer is a good step.

Maybe the result of slowing down anxiety which would otherwise leech energy from the body’s repairing ability?

Maybe also relevant to some cancer patients cured because they were never informed they had it; discovered after the disease corrected itself?

Law of Attraction, Hypochondria, etc…

I never heard of that particular antipsychotic drug. Is it a first or second generation?

That’s nice but I’d prefer a drug that shrinks or eliminates the tumor rather than slowing it down. It’s kinda of an interesting balance if they found one that did to compare the side effects of antipsychotics to chemo drugs.