Schizophrenia drug improves cognitive function in phase 2a trial


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Is this an antipsychotic or a drug you take in addition to an antipsychotic?

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This is good… but very preliminary.

Still I think it’s probably a good sign people had benefits after only a few doses. Hopefully the benefits continue longer term.

A total of 32 patients with schizophrenia participated in the trial and were divided into four eight-patient cohorts. The cohorts were each administered oral doses of 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, and 80 mg of RL-007 three times per day. Participants were required to be prescribed a stable dosing regimen of antipsychotic medication which remained unchanged through the course of the trial.

All participants were given four doses of placebo, followed by six doses of RL-007, without knowledge of the strength of each dose or the exact order in which they were given either the drug or a placebo.

Data from three specific cognitive tests showed improvement in patients’ overall cognitive function, as well as in aspects of memory, based on certain intervals of increased drug dosage. Additionally, the trial revealed positive changes in quantitative electroencephalogram readings

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