Schizophrenia + Bipolar - (Schizoaffective Disorder) Video


are the eyebrows done by pixar? they don’t look real


Yes the persons eyebrows look fake, because they are fake Im sure. I like how this person simplifies and describes schizoaffective disorder. I do not think that schizoaffective is a stand alone illness. It is a comorbid illness of schizophrenia and bipolar or major depressive disorder. The DSM 5 should do away with the diagnosis - instead they should diagnose as follows - schizophrenia with bipolar or major depressive disorder, it is a blended diagnosis of 2 different illnesses

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i personally think they should do away with the entire naming conventions on all this ■■■■.

The day they can run a test and say “your dopamine level shows you are high, you need this med with x milligrams to reduce your dopamine levels”, then I’ll believe in it.

otherwise, I think this is all ■■■■■■■■ really. seriously. sorry to be so negative.

the genetic tests look promising, if you could have a test and show which genes you have and don’t have, and then get a Dx, I would have more faith in that too. but for now, it’s too subjective, full of errors, politics, junk.

Like if you look at that document I keep preaching about, there’s a list of genes this fellow has found, and he indicates if they are up regulared or down regulated for Sz. I would like to know if I have these same genes, and perhaps I have some different ones, and which ones relate to psychosis, MG, immune disease.

here, if you can say you have these genes, then maybe you are Schizophrenic, otherwise it’s just some dude or woman writing down an ICD-9 code you’re stuck with the rest of your life, so the county will pay their salary, because they need to be reimbursed from Medicare or the insurance comapny

table excerpt from this document

Table 2. Immune - related gene up - regulation in PBMCs of schizophrenic patients
Symbol p-value Arrow Fold Gene Description
PVRL2 0.036 up 1.50 poliovirus receptor - related 2 (herpesvirus entry)
GPR162 0.022 up 1.41 G protein - coupled receptor 162
CPN1 0.007 up 1.38 carboxypeptidase N, polypeptide 1
NDUFA4 0.023 down 1.35NADH dehydrogenase 1 alpha subcomplex, 4
Septin7 0.023 down 1.33 septin 7
TSPAN18 0.020 up 1.30 tetraspanin 18

sitting here today, none of us know, because we’re not getting our genetics scanned to know which gene is up regulared (triggered on) and which gene is down regulated (turned off). it’s just a guessing game and a pharmaceutical crap shoot, and we’re guinea pigs.

I am fed up with the testing - the diagnosing methods - DSM series codes - the meds, cant they come up with effective low risk meds? I am fed up with lots of things - I wish psychiatry moves closer to neurology and neurosciences - as is psychiatry is kind of like a pseudoscience, full of estimations and guesses - but it is the best that we have right now, and psychiatry has come a long way. I am not antipsychiatry or meds, I am just a bit frustrated right now, I see my pdoc tomorrow and I am confused and at a dead end with my current mood stabilizing medication - I am tired of experimenting with these powerful meds, but I do know that I do not have the luxury of going without meds

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I’m totally disgusted with it.

I asked all kinds of questions, like “why did I get this, I’m 45 years old?” well, you are a late onset schizophrenic.

then I asked, i’m not psychotic today, am I still schizo? she says, oh yea, once you are, then you always are

then you ask them, what casues this? Oh, we dunno, was the reply.

this is ■■■■■■■ stupid is all I can say. I cannot believe it, what a living nightmare. and to think just 10 years ago (or at least in my lifetime), people could have been locked up forever, or had a lobotomy even?

I’m raging mad because I have diplopia as wello, which is completely outside of the Sz diagnosis. I posted photos of my ptosis. When I’ve gone to the ER, explain my symptoms, they accuse me of hallucinating that, that pstosis of mine is a delusion obvously, ■■■■ these people, wholly ■■■■!
(ptosis is a droopy eyelid…)

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she looks like a really nice person despite her diagnosis :slight_smile:

i watched her other video as well and it was good as well.


she does look like a nice person, she’s probably as sane as anyone else is putting that video together, outside of somebodey painted her eyebrows on with Microsoft Paint

must have taken her a lot of guts doing that especially with her paranoia among other things,

i think it is amazing what people can achieve when stable on the right dose and meds :smile: