Schizophrenia auditory ahllucination

Doctors or clinics please contact me , if there is any permanent treatment of Auditory hallucination.
I am facing it from around 9 years and have negative hallucination.
I use to hear two men voices non stop from i open my eye till sleeping.

I need to reduce even finish these voices that use to talk every thing negative about me .
They are threatening and always discourage me for every thing .

My doctor said to take medication whole life that I dont want to depend on medicines as it is affordable for me now but not in future.

I want permenet treatment either herbal treatment , any Chinese treatment.
I can travel any where for its cure but I need to know how long will it take to heel.
Howlong will I have to stay that place.

Sorry you are suffering so much.

The best and first line treatment is antipsychotic medication. They can shut the voices up.

Can you get help in affording medicine in the future?

Herbs tend to not treat schizophrenia.

Are you on medication at the moment?

No medication wont help. I am using continuously from three years and these voices is not stopping.
I am sure it will not stop that’s why I need permanent solution or other type of medication.

I am suffering not too much but problem is that these are only two voices that keep talking non stop from morning till i sleep that bother me.

I am taking Respiridone 1 mg daily. it is only increasing my weight and nothing.

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Hi shah get on atleast therapeutic doses of rispridal around 3 to 4 mg…!!! U need medicinal adjustment my friend …

How old are u buddy … where are u from…??

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Respiridone 3 to 4 mg is too much. Even after taking 1 mg respiridone , i take a lot of vitamin supplements and glass of milk. I cant afford 3 to 4 mg daily , my heart rate will decrease too much.

I am 33 and from Malaysia…

Do the voices sounds like someone you know or personality of someone you know?

yes, these are men of two voices that I dont know.
sometime, I hear voices of my colleagues while i sit in office or sometime voices of my sibling.