Schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental disease

schizophrenia is a neurodevelopmental disease?
if it’s a neurodevelopmental disease, you can not prevent, stop or cure schizophrenia, right?
if it’s a neurodevelopmental disease the person even before psychotic episodes is already suffering from schizophrenia, right?

It’s all so debatable. No one really knows what it all is.

i think a major part of it all is psychogenic - But you can’t separate physiology from psychology & environment, & you can’t test what weightings there are in each individual case.

My view/conclusion is integral/holistic - mind, body, soul, spiritual, environment. Bio/psycho/social/spiritual.

i think the condition/experiences manifests in individual & complex ways, across a wide range of areas.

All mental illness are caused by environmental and a chemical imbalance. Deal with your issues you will reduce your symptoms.

Chemical imbalance is a flawed piece of short hand semi-theory at best. What about the social element? And as far as neurodevelopmental goes, how come so much of it is drug-induced? Insist the next time that your psychiatrist mentions this that he come up with something more truthful, and less like an abuse of his position of authority.

In reality sz seems to be a complex related set of conditions which share a set of symptoms, causing doctors to group them as one catch-all item, and which may have a differentiated set of causes which have genetic, social, stress and chemical elements. And possibly spiritual elements too.

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Yes - its a neurodevelopmental desease. But that just means the risk for schizophrenia starts (or can be influenced) very early in pregnancy - but a host of factors. But there are also many factors that impact the development of the brain all the way through to age 25+

The earlier people can identify that risk (before psychosis starts) - then the earlier that people can take steps to reduce the environmental factors that increase the risk (like stress, street drugs, psycho-therapy, etc.) or increase factors that make the brain healthier (like omega 3 fish oils during childhood which seems to reduce risk of schizophrenia).

Here is a graphical description:

Read more here:

After you find out you have it, take it in hand and do something about it!