"Schizophrenia" as a Means for Universal Judgment

My voices told me that many of them are actors whose roles are to tease out what’s good and bad about individuals, so that people can be better judged for universal purposes. I believed them – I felt the truth of it in my heart, and many of my “schizophrenic” experiences have had moral complications that I can easily imagine being judged.

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I don’t really believe the voices, I know one true voice that I believe which is mine, the others are just ecos in the mind or made by it.

Well maybe, Alex, you weren’t meant to be judged this way at this time.

I know captaincrc, I was talking about my personal experience with the voices.

My voices also told me that no one ever really dies.

They told me this also, that death is only temporary and that no one ever truly dies and is never to be heard from again.

They really are “actors” you know, the old one’s called them “tricksters”, they can put on a very convincing monkey man outfit and walk around the woods so that people can see them actually.

Yeah, bigfoot is an “alien”, a demon, a ghost, a trickster, an actor.

An actor performs illusions, they put on a costume and pretend to be something, i can’t honestly believe that they are being honest with you about that, they have told me several things also but i wish that they didn’t do that. I would rather not know.

They can even appear completely human in everyway, and appear to be completely physical like us, who knows perhaps more people have seen them than we know.

Currently im looking into the ufos and supposed alien experiences of people, because spirits can do many things when it comes to looking physical and of our universe, thats got to be one of them, actors.

I really wish that they would tell people, it’s quite lonely sometimes.

One of the reasons I have an internal dilemma about taking medication, is that I’ve experienced hallucinations in a positive way such as you have said. One time I went off medication, and I had a vision of a spirit-guide who got rid of my sleep paralysis. I just have such terrible depression when Im off the medication, I become irritable. My psychiatrist and I had a long positive conversation about how schizoaffective is a thought disorder, and how when I’m on my medication I’m the most like myself. I don’t have hallucinations on Abilify, it completely gets rid of them. But if I didn’t have delusions I don’t think I would mind the hallucinations. I tend to get paranoid after awhile, just worried about everything and sometimes I create complex paranoias, but I’ve got a pretty good hold of it now.

It feels like a means of universal judgement, captaincrc. I definitely think you’re onto something. I have also had a lot of paranormal experiences.