Schizophrenia Anthem

What would you suggest this anthem to be?

I have one song in my mind.

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Forgot the rules, forgot my pride.

When i hear that im like “what rules? whats my pride?” Ahhahahahaha!

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Hail to thee, oh Schizophrenia…

slayer - blood line.

Probably will offend a lot of people, but I think self-deprecating humor is good once in a while.

Does anybody know any musicians who has schizophrenia? I know some who have bipolar.

NIN - “Copy of a” - plays at the end of our movie while the credits are rolling.

haha, okay, back to sleep for me (insomnia)… :smile:

Also, when the movie first starts, there is a black screen for a brief moment with this quote from @darksith shown:


I’ve noticed I’m really not into the same musical genres as the people of these boards, therefore I’ll refrain from contributing.

I can tone it down for ya, how about Booker T. & the M.G.s?

I’d say the following would be pretty good.

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@muzikos I really like this song, excellent choice :sunny: