Schizophrenia anonymus SA

Do you visit a self-help group? I am thinking of finding one to socialize.
I am guessing the people there are level headed and that might positively imprint on me.
Mike Milken said there are three ways one can make friends 1) growing up together 2) access to capital (lending/borrowing) 3) health

Join a club? Could be anything from Chess, book clubs or a workout/runners club.


I live across the hall from the laundry room and I’ve wondered what would happen if I told someone my apartment was the rec room where people waited for their laundry to get done.

I’m going to start going to AA

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you can search nami meetings

they have 3 kinds

peer family and combo peer and family

i found it about ten years ago it helped me a great deal

they are safe for the most part but some times it takes going to a couple to find the right one lists the meetings

I did some search myself and will probably go to a german online self-help group on monday. Then I still search for an offline group about schizophrenia. I found some other topics that I might also give a shot.

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