Schizophrenia and suicide prevention

I want to go to Canada for study moreover i have close reletives there but i am very worried about suicide rate in schizophrenia so what to do to prevent suicide events from occuring please anyone give wise suggestion how can i prevent that from occuring

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The best way to keep prevent suicide is to make sure you take your medication and that your honest with your doctors. What you can also do is have crises numbers ready and use them when your feeling suicidal it helps to have someone to talk to in an emergency. Next dont isolate and make friends and interact with people your less likely to feel suicidal if you maintain healthy close relationships. Avoid depressants like drugs and alcohol as well.


Don’t live by yourself. Open up to your friends about your deepest worries and pains. Avoid getting drunk or stoned. Find new meanings in your life if you’ve lost the old ones. Maybe your partner has ditched you or a beloved pet died. It’s not the end of the world.
Don’t live inside your mind. Communicate, accept help and learn to be grateful for small positive things like a sunny day or a good meal or a smile you get on the street from someone you don’t even know.


Have a safety plan set up just incase you do get suicidal.

I have a safety plan with my dad that if I get even a tad bit of suicidal ideation he will change the combination of the gun safe until I’m stable again.

The most important thing is to talk about how you’re feeling. Let people know when you’re feeling suicidal.

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