Schizophrenia and starbismus

i have been off meds for 5 months and i can feel that actually i am having starbismus / some eyes problems, i would say when i look at other people , i can’t look striaght at them , it is like i am looking at nothing/ seeing nothing at all and have my eyes being like starbismus , i would say it is much like the guy in the video:

i can’t say he got schizophrenia but now i am much like that guy. actually rathar than eyes problems, i am pretty insane now and lose sane thoughts , i can’t really think, it is another issue though.

btw, I am thinking doing accupunture for the eyes’ problem, any idea?

did anyone got similar problems?

Guess u should see a doctor. Havent experienced it myself.

  • I have strabismus
  • I don’t have strabismus
  • I’m not sure

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thanks 15151515

ok , i think it is a symptom for schizophrenia with obsessive compulsive disorder

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