Schizophrenia and pheromones

Does schizophrenia changes level or type of natural pheromones?
Anyone in this matter?
Im leaning on @everhopeful

Humans don’t have pheromones. Only some animals I think. :thinking:

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There are bunch of perfumes with pheromones,I think humans have too…

I think they’re just scams.

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Well, I know we give out some feromones when we’re scared or stressed, and I can imagine someone going through psychotic symptoms would be more scared or stressed.

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Sz is the the anti sexy illness lol, my days of attracting women are long gone, here’s how a date would go if I went on one again with sz
“hey how’s it going?”
“So I was gonna suggest we go out to dinner but I’m still overwhelmed in public”
“Ok…wanna Netflix and chill?”
“Yeah that’d be great, but I can’t watch a while movie all the way through or anything scary”
“Ok… Wanna just make out?”
“Hold on it’s late gotta take my meds”
“Oh by the way I have an illness that gives me the personality of a potato, but you’re gonna assume I’m a serial killer when I tell you what it is”
“Oh and I live with my mom”
Runs away