Schizophrenia and gut biomes

So I was reading this article , and from what they show on there, the control group versus someone with schizophrenia had more gut “bacteroidetes”, and “actinobacteria”, so I did some looking on the Google and found the following -

Become a hard-core herbivore.
Bacteroidetes feed on fiber and resistant starches—a.k.a. vegetables. Studies have found that eating a vegetarian or plant-rich Mediterranean diet increases bacteroidetes and reduces firmicutes, while a typical meat-heavy Western diet does the opposite. So sample widely from the salad bar: One review of more than 50 studies found that eating an additional 14 grams of fiber per day was associated with a loss of about four pounds in just under four months.

Raise your intake of beans . Beans are among the very best foods to raise your Bacteroidetes.(7) If you can’t digest beans, that’s likely a sign that you have too few Bacteroidetes. But rather than avoid beans completely, studies(8) have shown that if you add beans into your diet slowly, and stick with them, the symptoms will go away. To train your bacteria to digest beans well, I encourage you to add just 1 tablespoon of pinto beans daily to the evening meal for two weeks. After two weeks, most people are able to digest more typical amounts.

actinobacteria - ehhh didn’t find anything on how to get more of this one going in the gut, but I am going to give the bean thing a go and try eating more veggies.


This is slightly off topic, but I had an appt with my nutritionist the other day.

She mentioned that the stomach has thousands upon thousands of nerves that are directly connected to the brain.

So, heal the gut; heal the mind.

In a sense :thinking:

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thanks for the info @Chorus, sounds interesting.

I’ve heard fermented food is good for your gut bacteria too. I try to eat sauerkraut and kombucha is meant to be good too.

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Thanks for the article @Chorus

Good thing I love lentils!

(I hear lectins stick blood cells together but lectins are mostly destroyed in heating, so I try not to eat too much lentils although it is still quite a lot… Like 1 cup every other day, is that too much?? Idk…)


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