Schizophrenia and being sick - Positive Symptoms?

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I have been here, I have been doing well until just this past 2ish days which have been weird. I have been feeling off and went home early from work yesterday after only being there 3 hours.

My skin has been feeling tingly and in general I don’t feel as comfortable in my body. My concentration isn’t very good and I am lucky I don’t have much to do at work so I don’t have to piece a whole lot together.

I have been taking my medication without issues and was feeling fine up until Tuesday. Is it possible for being sick with a cold to bring out symptoms? I am looking for some comfort if I can find any, I don’t want to keep feeling weird. My thoughts aren’t delusional but my thinking is scattered.

My anxiety is logically higher now as well but I don’t think what I am feeling is anxiety. I just want to feel normal again.

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I’ve had a cold here recently too, bet it’s just the weather and the cold that has u temporarily thrown off a little

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I hope so, I think it may be anxiety manifesting physically, I found out last Thursday that my contract is ending at work due to another company winning the contract.

I am just hoping whatever it is it goes away soon, pretty annoying feelings.

This has been a kinda rough day, I think I am having symptoms and they are really interfering with my ability to think, all my thoughts are jumbled and things are just weird.

I need ways to cope, this is pretty rough

My psych doctor told me that infections or illness can cause a flare up in psychosis. She told me this because I had had a urinary tract infection and my psychotic symptoms were worse while I had it. So, if you do have a cold, that could be the reason you’re having a tougher time with your mental health these last couple of days.

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Still not what I would call normal mentally, I am hoping this fades over the weekend.

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