Schizophrenia ads on Hulu

I see these all the time now. Anyone else have Hulu and get schizophrenia-related advertisements? It has me wondering if my internet use is somehow informing the content… :thinking:

I caught the last bit of this one just now.

Oh darn, I guess we can’t post videos.

Anyway. Yeah.

I notice schizophrenia ads for groups on facebook but I have joined schizophrenia groups before…I wouldn’t worry…

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I’m pretty sure most websites are using smart ads these days. They present you ads that are relevant to what you browse, but that doesnt bode well with people who have a disorder that causes paranoia.

If it does bother you them clear your browser history and cookies often.

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I have hulu. I’ve never had that happen. Not sure why I subscribe dont use it much.

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Thanks @Later_Gator!

I stream Hulu on my Xbox and use the Discourse app for the forum on my phone. I suppose it’s all the same internet and everything is talking to each other in some way.

Anyway, it doesn’t really make me paranoid, just curious. I was mostly wondering if the ads are there because of me, or if talking about schizophrenia has become a bit more mainstream.

I love your new holiday mouse avatar by the way! Looking at it makes me feel cozy and nostalgic. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha thanks! I cant tell if I love the mouse or if its eyes creep me out. Maybe a bit of both. :slight_smile:

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Makes me wonder if it’s being over diagnosed honestly

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