Schizophrenia a second chance 🧐

Do you think is it ?

I was lost and found my purpose.
To be and be alive
To know and to be understood
To understand and to be loved
To love and to be.

Hold on to hope, trust and love, one another.

Life is just a beginning and your stories would be spoken by you and enlightenment of this place we live called earth.

Schizophrenia is a hidden condition waiting to be unraveled in its atmost beauty.

I so love this earth,
Time given to you!
Is the best thing !

Fight for schizophrenia still present.
Other than that what you gonna do with time ?


Yes I consider schizophrenia a wake-up call


In many ways sz was a second birth for me. Cleared a lot of cobwebs out of my head.


Nothing beatiful about schizophrenia its a horrible disease


It’s a medical condition and I deal with it. It doesn’t define me.


Schizophrenia is a senseless cruelty, which is inflicted upon a person by spiteful, dismissive others, yet it has an unknown purpose, in spite of this.

(YMMV as to what that purpose is.)

I think it enables the insightful afflicted to become aware of things, which were previously unknown to them, also.

Most delusions only waste a person’s time, but some are grounded in reality, and so, are informative.

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It really must have. Shook You up. To discover that. Your mind has lied to you. And that is what’s the schizophrenia That caused it. And nothing more.


I am not sure what you are trying to say, honestly.

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I agree with @flybottle that it was a wakeup call. I’ve come to value my family and my time so much more.


You are right on this. Earth is beautifull and Time, the precious gift.
But Sz makes you waste this precious gift and apreciate very little of this Earth.
I don’t see sz as a hidden blessing.


I called out and it showed me great and might things which no one comprehend or understand.

I believe schizophrenia is a silent killer. It does not have voice in this world and not much people sympathize or empathize with it. If we say I have Sz or Bipolar I would like people to recognize that it is a great battle that we are fighting and show some respect.


I know even docs dont take it seriously if they do i act the opposite


Yeah, there are some merciless doctors out there, but there are also compasionate ones.

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