Schizophrenia A mental war of its own

it is hard to say what one will struggle with sin ley entire life spanbut one thing’s for sureit is definitely a war zonetoo many negative and positive forces was in the brain working at same timebrought on by environmental stresstoo bad we are not given medals for surviving such degreesbut rather pushed aside like an old army soldier


Yeah man no one will ever know what I’ve went through. Language fails to describe the experience. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of you.


You are my hero. I mean it.

Yeah, ditto…

Sometimes it strikes me how different the lives of other people are - even people who live in close proximity to me.

I feel for anyone diagnosed with this condition. Nazis euthanized “the mentally ill” and then we carried out eugenics on poor black women. It’s got a paper trail that’s for sure, but nothing can really explain the perfect incurable madness we live day in and day out without much help and few resources to come by…sure, we’ve got drug companies campaigning for the disease, but who is really campaigning for US?

I agree with you. The families should

we be a bunch of warriors ive never met a schizophrenic who had an easy life to start with.tcx

It wasn’t just black women who suffered eugenics.