Schizobear- the new mascot

hi :smile:

this is schizobear-

i was hoping he can be the new mascot for this site :bear:

he is very caring and loves lots of cuddles, he also offers cuddles to you if you need them
if you are feeling bad he will try and cheer you up,

i think we all should have a schizobear and thats why i wanted to share him


I like this bear, he makes me smile…

I remember I used to freak out about teddy bears. When I was getting sicker, when ever I fell asleep, my sis would sneak in and tuck her teddy bear in with me. I would wake up with this thing and I was convinced it was following me and trying to kill me. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was before meds. I like teddy bears now.


ted doesnt kill people lol he only wants to help, he is the nicest bear in the world and all he wants to do is have a good old cuddle :bear:, thats what makes him happy :smile: if you are happy then he is happy x

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Sounds like he is related to the old Care Bears.

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can i give him a light saber just in case he meets some nasties he can cut them in two !
take care

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he doesnt need a light saber lol, his biggest weapon is love and its very powerful x

how about a pink light saber !
take care

well he’s definitely not from the dark side anyway hahaha x

he could be turned !
take care

never haha, he is too nice to be turned, the power of love is too strong in this one lol

My mother used to love me to death.

Schizobear Starhugger is seen running through the space station , panic in his eyes, and sweat trickling down through his furry brow .
he could hear the footsteps behind him, the slow meaningful footsteps of Darth Bader !
he could hear Darth Bader breathing , the raspy breathing of a two packet of cigarettes a day Teddy of Evil.
Schizobear Starhugger saw the door way to his left, he had nothing to lose, he had to escape.
he ran, his padded paws hitting the ground in front of him, he was running for his little teddy life !
Darth Bader saw this wretched creature, and with his dark powers , ripped heavy metal pipes from the walls, and hurled them , using just the power of his dark mind, at the pitiful figure of the little running teddy bear.
Schizobear Starhugger made it to the doorway, ducking and weaving the flying objects which were being thrown in his direction with such menace !
for a moment he was free, but suddenly lost his footing…he grasped at the air as his body flew into oblivion, in to the ventilation shaft below.
he felt his wrist being caught in a vice grip, it was the Deathly Darth Bader…
" search your feelings Schizobear Starhugger" came the cold ,growling voice of Darth Bader.
" search your feelings " he continued to say ," you are my son ! "

" never !", cried out Scizobear Starhugger , as he wriggled from the grip of his teddy bear father, Darth Bader. he fell into oblivion…

A chuckle could be heard , a dark malevolent chuckle , it was Darksith. the Dark One.

to be continued…

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Did you know the ‘teddy bear’ was named after Theodore Roosevelt? I love trivia.


I like your writing style. If you don’t mind me asking… What was your book about and how hard was it to publish?

The more I look at this bear, the more I want one. :confused:

it was about two Australian children, a sister and brother, and an adventure with the fairy kingdom , and it was very easy to publish, it was free. no one will ever read it, but i’m happy.
take care

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Aww. I want a schizobear. I might have to get one and puts spirals on his head hands and feet where I get most of my tactile hallucinations.