Schizoaffective reported to state?

I gave a diagnosis list to someone over the phone for a new doc, and they put it in their computer wrong. It was supposed to be schizotypal/bipolar, and they put it schizoaffective bipolar and won’t remove it.

Do pdocs report sza to state governments? I don’t want to lose my license over this type of thing.


I think that depends on the state, it is registered for me as SZA bipolar type.

Why wont they change it?

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I don’t know. The receptionist put it in.

What state is that? I am in the south. Did your pdoc report you automatically or did they have a reason to? I really don’t want to be on a treatment order.

I suppose that I am fortunate that they decided not to see me after all.

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I dont think you will lose any thing. You can refuse treatment, but let me keep digging. I got reported to the state when i was sent to the state hospital at Waxahachie.

Edit: i read that if they report to the state it would be illegal since you didnt consent to release that info,

I have been struggling to find someone to see me after losing insurance coverage. Every time I think I have found someone, they decide not to see me over insurance.

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Really sorry to hear ;/ that must make it real hard to find treatment

Did the state restrict your driver’s license or anything?

it’s against the rules of law for your pdoc or insurance to report anything…it’s private and between your doctors and you…hippa law. I think.

Someone told me that sz caused them to lose their driver’s license.

I remember reading this a while back and I freaked out.

no, that doesn’t seem right…unless you are taken in custody while delusional the authorities should , rightly, never know of any record of it…it’s not on my record and I was taken to a mental ward by police.

I know people get automatically reported for some things like movement disorders, Parkinson, etc., and some things you are supposed to report yourself.

I did very poorly on a surprise IQ test and was very nervous but fortunately, ‘below average’ doesn’t disqualify me.

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so you work? wow. I don’t work…can’t . low concentration and restlessness.

In my case i never had a driver’s license, but if i remember correctly the questions they asked wasn’t related to any driving. I think it’s different case to case.

My boss noticed how much work I got done during a manic episode and gave me a raise.