Schizoaffective Medications and weight gain

Does anyone here have a problem with low energy, lack of motivation, and weight gain do to either the illness, the meds, or both?

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Hello! A lot of people here report those side effects. What meds are you on? What type of sza do you have?

Latuda, Lexapro, Loxapine, Trazadone, Wellbutrin, Cogentin. I take Cogentin because I have tics from all of the antipsychotics over the years. I have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by one doctor and I was diagnosed with schizoaffective by another.

Zyprexa causes huge increase in appetite. Is almost always first drug pdoctors try.

Risperdal consta does this too but fridgidity in women and ED in men. Can cause breast development and a little bit of lactation in males even but usually just really overweight guys…Had lots of irritable bowel problems on this too…Did put on the weight bad and many go diabetic.

Seroquel does not cause a lot of weight gain. Will make you a zombie. But remedied by cutting pills into pieces and take it at night about an hour before bed. Gives you a really good night’s rest and no zombie feeling. You need to plan a little extra time to clear your head in morning.

I’ve been on Lexapro since the beginning of August. Anxiety is down and depression has leveled off, but I am pretty shocked at the low energy and lack of motivation. I had expected these things to improve, and they’ve gone the other way.

I also have the same two different diagnosis, I don’t care that much about it though, the treatment is the same. I take Invega (Xeplion in the EU) shots every month, and gained some weight, not much about 15kg that I now lost 5kg, have lack of motivation and energy. I think the lack of motivation is caused by the depression of knowing I have the illness, not by meds or the illness itself.

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Yes, due solely to meds.

I’m dx schizoaffective. I take Saphris and lexapro.
Saphris doesn’t cause weight gain but its impossible to lose weight on it. I’m not sure if lexapro is helping. I just started a very low dose.

I take abilify 20 mg for sza and don’t notice those symptoms everyone’s different though

I gained over 100 pounds in less than 6 months on Saphris. And that was all while on a pretty strict 2k cal/day diet. It definitely does cause weight gain.

I think everyone is different. I’ve been on Saphris for 5 months and still weigh 130lbs.

My illness made me manic - so manic that I would often be able to walk 20 miles in a week.

The meds, however, inverted all of that. I became hostile to myself, angry, low energy, low motivation, and added about 20 lbs in two months, even though my diet was on-point.

So no, not the illness but the drugs they put me on were draining me of my life force.

i take a combination of perphenazine and amitriptyline and gained fifty pounds. uncomfortable really. i’ve come to understand that it is the meds moreso than the illness but everyone is different.

hi yep its so frustrating to me that as soon as my meds go up so does my weight. i feel lazier and hungrier even tho i keep up my 30 mins brisk walking a day. i think my clozapine lowers my control and willpower of wanting to be healthy.when i first started clozapine within 6months i had put on 28 kgs. then finding the motivation to lose it again was hard . Ive lost about half that weight now 7 years on. i suggest drinking alot of water so you get that full feeling and eating eggs , spuds , brown rice etc to keep you fuller for longer. for motivation i read articles about people who have inspirational stories. fighting mental illness and winning for example, making the best out of your situation. :grinning: