Schizoaffective Disorder Seeing things that are not there

Every where I go I see faceless beings and they are always talking to me. They talk to me everywhere and follow me everywhere. My psychiatrist put me on Seroquil and it doesnt do anything. My mother says there is nothing wrong with me , and my grandparents the same. They truly don’t understand anything that gos through my mind.

How could they? They don’t have your mind. Try communicating to them about real,ordinary things. Maybe that’s boring to you, but that’s the way normal people relate to each other.


I just generally keep to myself… I may say 12 words a day and not much more. The only time i leave my house is for my psychologist appointments. I hate being around other people because i know they are staring and giving dirty looks. When I’m in public i see more of the faceless people and their voices just get louder… I dont know what to do anymore.

my mother is no different, i personally have never cared whether she recognized or not, but she is evil like my father, wow that sounds like a quote from a star wars movie !
give them literature on the subject that is the best thing to do, but best to lower your expectatoin of what they can cope with and understand , depressoin and sz can scare family members and friends.
alot of it is due to ignorance.
take care

My mothers a nurse practitioner and was an RN for 15 years. She’s dealt with schizophrenics in the past and refuses to acknowledge there is something wrong with me. I’ve been hospitalized twice because of it.

Not everyone likes to talk about this kind of stuff, not even those with the same kind of experience. Nothing unusual about that.
What do these beings want? Do you use your 12 or so words a day talking to them? What do you want from these beings?
Try giving the beings the seroquil and see if it makes them go away.

My mother won’t see it either. She wants me to come off meds. She doesn’t believe I have anything at all. I have an adhd and torette’s diagnose to begin with. She doesn’t believe I have that either. Just to make it more interesing, my moms sister has a son (my cousine) and he has sz! We have never met because he lives in another country. But she doesn’t say he is ok, she accepts him being sz. But she can’t see me. I’m completely normal to her. But I’ve stopped telling her about my voices some time ago. She won’t listen anyway.

Let your psychiatrist know that the Seroquil is not helping. Ask him for something different. I’m sorry that your parents and grandparents are not very understanding of what you are going through. Welcome to the forum. You will find support here.

been where u are.the hospital might be good,although when i was there it didn’t help.i made an appointment with my pdoc and she gave me a prescription for effexor and i feel much better,good luck.

For a while there I was seeing things like “Hope”, “Happiness”, “Health”.

I’m OK now though…they’ve all gone.

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