Schizoaffective, cognition and working

Hi i am diagnosed with schizoaffective. I am working as a care assistant but find it really difficult to think straight on the job. So do i keep pushing myself into it and feeling all over the place koz most of the time i feel i cant understand conversation and i am limited in my understanding. Does that go along with the disorder or is that something completely separate? Its hard trying to balance work with an illness. People show no mercy for you and because the illness is invisable people expect you to be performing in life just as good as the next person. Thats my life challenge it seems

Hi, I have sza too. I think my cognition is fine, but everyone is different and the illnesses act differently.
I have a bit of memory problems only right now, but it’s getting better.

Maybe you’re trying to hard, when I try too hard I get issues, I have to let it go and not think too much about it and things go smoothly.

Good luck!