Schizo symptoms after working with metaphysical or event center

Anyone here develop psychosis after working around metaphysical or event center that hosts reiki or unlicensed therapy?

Would be nice to have some stories. I’m taking my former employer to court to get restraining order after the members of AA/NA group from the event center where I worked were making threats towards me and my manager would not protect me.

Me. But it was during my psychosis. I think it’s related, but not in a metaphysical sense, but my interests in those subjects were psychotic.

My mom was going on all these retreats like a rice diet one in california, then she became psychotic and left–took a plane, ended up wandering the streets barefoot when my dad found her. She knew on some level she was ill, and the retreats did nothing but drive her further into psychosis.

These places are total trouble – would not explore the metaphysical or pagan stuff at all. I had heard some employees of event centers these groups used did crack up and it was really hard to get the voices to stop without paying for ‘therapy/energy’ sessions or laboring for them.

Thank you, StarryNight.