Schizo Journey

My voices keep telling me to pack up! I wonder where they’re trying to take me!
Any one else have voices trying tto take them on a journey?

They showed me me floating on a mattress.

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No, but one voice was such a brat that I bought him a one way ticket on a Greyhound bus to Maine (farthest state away from here). Took him over a moth before he found his way back.
Does that count in reverse?

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Lol, I wish I could do that sometimes!

When I first got voices they convinced me to go to Calif. Wasn’t fun being homeless in LA.

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Woah dude, now I’m completely scared to listen to my voices telling me to pack up…

Yes. I had no money yet my voice were telling me to take my parent’s car and drive to New Mexico. Ask yourself what exactly is the purpose of my journey, does it match up with reality?

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There is, of course, the possibility that we are indeed “shamans” or in touch with the spirit realm, and they are calling us away to go on a spiritual journey like the Indians used to and they turn nasty when we refuse!

Hope that’s not the reality of the situation!