Schizo Art

I am sometimes in artistic slumps for years at a time. With portrait photography, my ideas sometimes get pretty wild, but so wild that I’d have to pay lots of money particularly in my area where people like pretty tame things.

I’m curious if anyone would have a brainstorm starter or strategic kick starter for an idea of mine. Don’t know if I could ever be reliable on any kind of long term business dealings in art. Business of any kind tends to fold me like cheap piece of paper sometimes.

What I would like one day though is just one gallery worthy photo print or even mixed media piece. I wonder how I could use my rather odd mind and ideas to convey a piece without running a risk of overexposure or getting some label as just a schizo art guy. I see the “schizo” art everywhere now online and lots I suspect are from people who aren’t SZ. Maybe I’m just rambling a question with no answer. It’s kind of like I’d like to open my mind into something of artistic or social value but without really putting my condition is a public light.

Disregard if I’m rambling. Should sleep soon. Lol

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My kid sis is a steampunk and there are more Steampunk weddings and portraits being called for. My cousin is getting married and I had no idea he was going for a bit of a steampunk edge to the reception.

The bride really is wearing something like this…

If you get in to this crowd, or the goths, or the Renaissance reenactor’s you can do money making portrait work and not do mundane stuff.
Steampunk art and sculpture is neo-victorian meets scifi. The Steampunks are a pretty up beat and easy going crowd from the ones I’ve met thus far.

With the money you make, you can do the gallery art. It’s not all schizo. Some of the art coming out are from people who claim to be perfectly normal… :wink:

Nick Bantock
is one of the kid sis’s favorites. He does sort of a photography, postal collage sort of art.

You might find some of his art gives you an idea.

Thanks for the link. Mixed media interests me quite a bit especially with the ability to recycle materials or even just find something random for free you can use. Steampunk is awesome as well. I have a steampunk sundial I got from somewhere. Also pretty fond of people who modify video game consoles to look steampunk.