Schizo-affective disorder vs. Schizophrenia?

What do you think the difference is between the two? Do you think that schizo-affective disorder is less of a illness that schizophrenia? I have been diagnosed by my psychiatrist that I’m schizo-affective with bipolar sub-type and I don’t like it. I wish my diagnosis was schizophrenia. I don’t know why. but just the name sounds better.

Just you have mood difficulties as well as psychotic symptoms

I don’t think it’s less severe, often times more severe, but could be less severe

Why would you want a worse diagnosis? Id prefer to be dxd with the least stigmatized diagnosis.

But both sz affective and sz areally tough. And so is bipolar. And so is depression. And so is anxiety. Etc

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I want that diagnosis so that when I explain it to people they know what it is and I also want just a little bit more sympathy.

Ah gotcha cool cool

For many doctors, Schizoaffective is a Catch All Diagnosis - I personally feel as if they shoud do away with this diagnosis.

I had a psychiatrist who never used the Schizoaffective diagnosis - He diagnosed his patients with either Bipolar or Schizophrenia.

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