Schiz 'Voices' being akin to bullying and humiliation

Hello, I hope everyone is keeping as well as you can be, I would like to draw a comparison between the type of content you are non consentingly being subjected too and actual real human abuses that do occur within the empirical reality known as normal life.

It has occurred to me that the methods carried out are uncanny akin and carry just as much impact upon the unwitting victim.

Would anybody agree that it can be alike within some situations.

It feels super abusive when your neuroinflammation is intractable. Then the adrenochrome which is the cause of the hallucinations is ever present and there is no respite.

I have tiny bits of pronoic voices, but pretty much gone. They don’t outright stop me from doing mental activities.

What do you mean? Can you break down into simpler terms?

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