Schiz everywhere around the world


Is there a place where I could join the military while being schiz. Oh and suppose I get reevaluated is there a place for it in the world other than the US
I’m calling for help to all friends and peers b/c I know there is an answer out there, and I really got to know.


no military I know of will let you join being mentally ill…sorry.


You could join this site it’s pretty good.


Hell, they don’t even let me watch the parades on Veterans Day.


U really wish I could be a part of the site and the Marine corps altogether.


@Illvoices I can tell you that during my mandatory military service I had outbreak of schizophrenia.
And I managed to complete the service nonetheless.
However, my role in the military was comfortable and nondemanding.
( I was not officially diagnosed however).
The best I managed to get.
In any case I know that for people (who are Israelis) who have health problems it is possible to volunteer.

Perhaps it’s possible for foreigners as well.

If there is one country that you stand a chance of serving in the military it’s Israel, I invite you to Israel

to check with the IDF about serving there.

And hurry up!

You stand a better chance of serving in a conscript army than a “professional” standing army.

And conscription might get cancelled one day.


I tried to enlist in the U.S. army when I was 18 but they didn’t want someone on Haldol and Lithium. Not even for the Reserves.


Probably not. The mentally ill who are dependent on medications would be ineligible for joining for the same reason that insulin-dependent diabetics are ineligible for joining: the military evaluates someone’s suitability for the military in the absence of medications. Given that the military often operates in austere environments in which they can’t guarantee a steady supply of medications, any disease that requires regular medication for an individual’s safety usually makes them ineligible for enlistment. That’s why some of the requirements require you to demonstrate suitability without your meds.

The language of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) prohibits organizations from having any eligibility criteria for participation that screens out people with disabilities unless the organization can show that those requirements are necessary for the provision of the program. The military can legally screen out people with IDDM (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) and psychosis for the same logic that the fire department can screen out people with certain physical disabilities: those disabilities render the individual unsafe for the position in environments that the individual could reasonably face in their duties.

A disabled individual could apply for a desk job in the military, as a civilian. But in the military you enlist in the branch of service and need to meet basic eligibility for the branch before you need to meet specialty requirements. In other words, even the cooks and truck drivers in the Army need to be able to do a certain number of push-ups and fire a rifle safely. And there have been more than a handful of cooks and truck drivers firing at the enemy in our current war.


I went and looked at the Israelites military and it looks like I’m out of luck. They don’t have what I’m looking for which is the Marine corps and that seems to be the only gov that would accept me.


I was worried you were looking into Israel. I’m glad you won’t be going there…are you in the states? do you think you are stable.? @Illvoices


Yes I live in the upper East side ny I think it’s kind of dumb I can’t join the military. I mean I mean I’m eligible to enlist and the only thing that’s stopping me it’s the voices.:disappointed_relieved:


Hi, I was going to be sworn in to the military but then I got diagnosed so I lost the opportunity. So I understand your desire to join. I won’t argue whether it’s a good idea or not since I don’t know you and have no right to say.

Your medical files are private to other countries. Understand that and know you cannot be on medication because it will give you away.

Militaries you can try to join:

Russia: they will accept you without question so long as you fluently speak Russian. You can be from any country but you will be abused and beaten and paid very little (like $500 usd a month)

France: you can join the French foreign legion however only 10% are accepted. So you need to be smart and really fit. If you can’t do even four proper pull ups they won’t even touch you. You really need to prepare for the FFL (French foreign legion). You do not have to speak French at all, But it probably will help in being accepted.

Good luck and think about how well you do under stress symptom wise before making any decisions.


Omg man this sounds like joy to me I’m going to try and aim for the French foreign legion. But first I’m going to try to see if they have my corps out there. :grinning:


sure any third world country would accept you in the military…


No @zeno, in military it is not possible. But there are a lot of fighting groups in third world countries.


Nope man nobody accepts szphernic in their army… u are wrong…!!!


I read here that in many african states they don’t even think sz exists or is a disability…


Could be…!!!


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