I think I’m having a minor schizophrenic episode right now. I’m very scatterbrained and can’t think straight at all. I tried listening to music but, even with my favorite songs, I seem to keep forgetting the lyrics so I can’t enjoy the songs. I’m also having visual hallucinations where I’m seeing people that are all black pop up and walk around my room. Sometimes my room, which is dark, turn into space and all I see around me is stars I feel like I’m floating around in space. I’m also having inaudible voices. It feels like my conscience is talking to me but it’s saying things my voices would normally say like, “she doesn’t want you, she’s lying, you’re a bum, don’t listen to this song” etc. I’m kinda having a bad night.

Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

@Anna Yes, I’m always under stress, every day of my life

That just sounds like how I get when I’m stressed. Do you have things you can do to calm you or relax you?

@Anna nothing really calms me down it’s basically will power at this point

Have you explored every option to try to calm down? Maybe try watching a show you like, or petting an animal? Watching relaxing videos? Coloring? Going for a walk? Drinking tea? Have you tried meditation and mindfulness?

It’s important to find a way to bring yourself down before things spiral too far.

@Anna I’ve tried almost everything. Nothing works

Hmm well when nothing works is when you turn to meds, like a benzos or antidepressant. It’s no good being stressed out all the time as it will pull out your psychosis. Unless it’s your psychosis that is always stressing you out, in which case you’re likely not on the right antipsychotic :confused:

@Anna I did take a Xanax last night and it kinda helped. But I’m still on the track of finding the right antipsychotic for me because I’m on 2 right now but they’re not doing much but making me feel like a zombie

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