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Romantic :heart_eyes: lol

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Hopefully he’s not like that dude “Gordo” from “The Gift.”

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his eyes look like he won’t take “no” for an answer…

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He looks scary but the video is funny. Hopefully, it’s a welcome gift.

if dangerous things happen, it’s not his fault because she opened the door, right?

No installed peek-hole, lock, or chain; more reason why it’s not his fault, eh?

if husband answered door, then it’ll be more funny than scary.

What if all the gifts were for the husband…and he’s making that face because the wife was supposed to be out

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his face would changed from joyful to stunned.

but face didn’t change. I slow-motioned GIF. he had same predator-like/stalker-like expression, before door opened.

if he heard voices from inside, he’d sneak away. but he continues to stand at the door.

Looks familiar :wink:
Testing gifs

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lol lol yeah. sorry dude. I snagged it. lol

@Wave did you make that GIF?

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You sure have the clips big guy!! What a romantic mexican!!

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he’s wealthy but not above the law…



He definitly isn’t above the law, or whatevs-he’s a romantic chunk of mexican though. I bet cha she let him in.

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not if she were me…

the person opens the door slowly, even mechanically, as if he’s been doing that a lot and the person’s finally summed up the bravery to tell him off.