Scary night last night

Have you ever been in bed laying still, but your heart was racing? Nah it wasn’t nothing I smoked. I believe it was from two protein bars I ate earlier that day in my system. I don’t know what else it could have been maybe it was all the sugar ingredients? I took another trazodone, which I rarely do. I only like taking one, but last night I couldn’t sleep because my heart was beating fast and I hadn’t even been moving around! Just the paranoid build up and afraid to die type thinking that followed, I was thinking maybe it was my time to die since schizophrenics don’t live long. Bruce Lee he wasn’t skitzo that I know of but he died at age 36 of an aneurysm.

I could go anytime, basically because how SZA affected me, and it being a severe illness.

On side note this should be in the medications forum however, one person had managed to OD on seroquel, he had taken like 18,000 mg. I was looking a pyschiatric site if you type in “seroquel 1200mg” Gooogle. I thought about increasing to 1200mg. It is probably safe and I’m just tripping. I’m afraid of lithium toxicity I mean my body could change levels of it, and I won’t know it or be in a position of help until it actually affects me.

On a good note, if was sunny and beautiful today. Definitely a day to thank life, some of it anyway. The earth moon and stars. I’m alive now that is all I know. I respect others and never take my life for granted.


Sounds like you had something like a panic attack in bed - memory of a bad bedroom scene, maybe.
Anyway, I think you dealt with it quite well. I’m proud of you, and as you found out today, “This too shall pass.” would have been appropriate words for last night.


having to much sugar, or too much food before bed can make your heart race. i am not sure but i think they say don’t eat anything three hours before bed/sleep.
there is nothing to be scared of in life, we scare our selves.
worrying about death is kind of a pointless pastime, for me death means no more thinking, no more torture, ultimate peace. to be honest i am actually looking forward to it , a bit like an awsome holiday to a destination you have always dreamed of, for me that would be tibet, and meditating on a high peak, now that would be cool.
i am glad it is a sunny and beautiful day for you.
take care


Yeah it would have, thanks chordy

Heheh. Thanks darksith I needed that wisdom.

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I have anxiety at bed time too. I get so anxious I feel my throat closing and wonder if I had anything that I was allergic to. Or I’ll focus on my breathing and think I’m not getting enough air. But it’s just anxiety and I remind myself of that. Also I used to take 1200mg of Seroquel at night. I was on that dose for a while, but it was reduced to 800mg and I’m doing good on it. You can actually only get Lithium toxicity if you either take too much or you are exercising very extremely and not drinking enough water. Otherwise you don’t have anything to worry about. I’m sorry you were feeling this way…it’s a horrible feeling. When it happens I remind myself that I am safe and try to distract myself by focusing on the TV as I sleep with it on. You can also play the distraction game. You pick a category like animals and go through each letter of the alphabet. Like a is for ant, b is for baboon, c is for cat…and on and on. That usually helps me. My old therapist taught me that. Good luck to you.


Sorry you had that happen. But it might happen to a lot of us.

There have been times when I’ve woken up in a blind panic that wasn’t part of my hallucination. Just woke up with a feeling of someone coming after me, hunting for me. I makes me very panicky. I can’t figure who would be after me or why. I have to have help calming down from that one. I have no idea what triggers it.

I’m glad you were feeling better the next day.

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