Scary loss of balance walking crooked

Had loss of balance and began walking crooked this morning even though i started off ok.My sister wouldnt take me to the hospital and it was unbearable. Am ok sitting down though what could cause this? Some neurological disorder. It was really scary. My body was litteraly bent sideways

So have you had a doctor look at you or not?

Is it vertigo?..

Im on a trip with my sis
if it continues she said she’ll take me
its sad i have to wait
scared of walking
had a hellish experience this morning

I saw a man doing this many times.

It’s the drugs i believe.

You are so lucky to have all these qualified doctors give you a diagnosis without even seeing you. Not.

See a doctor asap.

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I may be a few days behind, but hope you are doing better today. O

After this incident I’m glad to say it hasn’t reoccurred . But am afraid it will. It’s a mystery why it occurred. But my sister did not take me because she thought i might be taken to the psych ward although it has nothing to do with my illness. But i thank her for her help and she really took good care of me. She told me if it returned she would take me.