Scariest horror movie?

I can’t stand them. I get the feeling that it is all real. The one at Universal Studios…oh man. My cousin was laughing at my fear, but I didn’t care. If one of those things grabbed me. I would’ve gone gun-ho. Can’t stand screaming.

I thought insidious (the first one) was good. Not particularly scary to me though except that one jump scare where darth maul demon was behind the guy at the table scared the bejeebus out of me lol.

Personally the scariest movies I ever saw were the Exorcist and the Grudge.

US horror movies have no charm and are all about shock factor. In my opinion Japanese horror is scariest, but English horror movies are my favorite because they have depth and are telling actual stories rather than just trying to be shocking.

The Shining was for me as a kid the nightmare, we couldn’t take showers only bathe in a tub so when it came time to wash my hair under the faucet, the old lady in the bathtub would be there, for the longest time, it was terrifying, and recently because my job is at a hotel on second shift, there have been many disturbing issues

Most horror movies don’t scare me because I think, nope seen worse! To be honest, the first Paranormal Activity scared me because they let the viewer’s imagination work. Movies that do not show the “monster/demon/ghost” are the most scary for me. No offense to anyone, but I think The Exorcist is silly, not at all scary.

I’ve been introduced to horror movies at a very young age and they only one that scared me was ammityville 2 . But I was also in grade 3 the last time I seen it. I recommend going to theatre when it comes to horror

The scariest horror movie was a Quinten Crappentino film called “Blizzard’s Psychosis”. It scared the crap out of me and ran way too long.

Blair witch project got under my skin. So creepy

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Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland animated movie scared me. Life was enough of a nightmare, I didn’t need it staged.

I don’t like horror movies either. The television series “The Twilight Zone” is usually pretty tame, but there is one episode written by Stephen King called “Gramma” that is really scary. But I don’t like being scared to go outside, like I get when I watch a bad horror movie.

Hmmm. Does “The Exorcist” count as a horror movie? That movie scared me more than any movie I’ve seen before or since.

I watched horror movies in my teens, my favourite was Nightmare on Elmstreet. But not anymore. The scariest is The Shining. Nightmare on Elmstreet is nothing compared to that.

The Exorcist definitely scared the crap out of me. That damn movie gave me nightmares years later.

Then Nightmare on Elmstreet just made it scary to fall asleep. -_-

Seen too many scary movies honestly.

The Entity was probably the most frightening to me though because they always try to use that stupid “based on true events” nonsense.

Did Someone Saye Movies (!!!)

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I don’t liked to be scared by movies. I did as a kid. I stayed up with my brothers on Friday nights after our parents had gone to bed and watched the old movies - Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein…Then go safe (?) to bed at midnight…

I think the scariest are the Pumpkinhead films.

Silent hill really freaked me out.

Anyone seen the Babadook? I thought it was pretty creepy but also kind of touching.

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I seen babadook. Very creepy. I found it hard to watch. Very dark depressing movie. But very good

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