Scared Today

All day I’ve been terrified. I’m worried about going to prison. I was arrested for something just over a year ago and still haven’t had my trial. I can’t work, I can’t be involved in my church, and I can’t leave the state. And the reality is that I will most likely go to prison for 2-5 years. This is not a delusion, this is really what’s going on with my life right now and has been for quite a while. It’s the scariest thing in the world. My lawyer is working to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor, which means no prison time (jail instead). If he fails, I’m not even waiting for trial, I’m just going to kill myself. I’ve decided this because I don’t want to go to prison and I won’t survive. And I can’t put my family through that. Suicide is really the best option for everyone given the situation. It’s so sad, it makes me very angry, that my life has been ruined due to a small mistake. I don’t know what else to do.

■■■■…that’s tuff dude… I think I remember you sharing kind of what happend … I wish you luck…

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Dude suicide is not the answer. If you can handle psychosis you can handle a little prison time. Besides if you do end up going awAy (which it doesn’t sound like you definitely will). By the time you’re getting out they’ll have better meds and possibly a cure. Heck I would look at it as a vacation from being disabled


They make you work on the farms. It’s slave labor. And there are gangs and very dangerous guys there. If I get psychotic in prison it’ll be unbearable.

You’re too young to commit suicide

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You’ll come out all jacked and tatted up, maybe even make some friends. Or you could be housed in a medical unit if they know you have a pre existing condition. I know it sucks but having psychosis sucks more. I was facing 3-5 years in California when I had my first psychotic break. Having psychosis is like being in prison anyway

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Man… Just let your lawyer do his thing… And ask questions and tell him everything… somethings might not seem important to us but a lawyer may get a lightbulb from it… Just be hopeful and take it day by day… Sz is worse than prison …

Also avoid the tatt advice from @MeghillaGorilla1 lol…


I’ve seen guys with face tatts, horns tattooed on their heads. Spider webs, smooches, slavery scenes
Poppy fields you name it.

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I’ve seen some good ones too… But dam I’ve seen a lot more bad ones… We should talk tattoos in a diff thread though…

I got a buddy who has done more time in prison than he has been free… We met at army bootcamp and I saw him again long time after in the local mental hospital… He said the military was massively more difficult than prison and losing your mind was harder than both put together… Basically its like a going to a mental hospital but there’s illegal drugs and if you get put on a med unit that’s even easier… Plus you don’t even know what’s going to happen yet… Just keep up with your lawyer and do what he thinks is best…

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never been to prison. but I’d respectfully do my time and hope I don’t get touched.

don’t off yourself!

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I already have 5 tats.

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Who isn’t?

We’ll see what happens. I’ll try to keep an open mind.

Oh I wasn’t saying don’t get tats…just try avoid anyone using pen ink as tattoo ink…

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It takes a lot of offenses to do any real time. Your lawyer will do his best don’t worry too much. Don’t kill yourself a lot of people go to jail who are scared. I’ve been in jail for a month. It wasn’t bad. The guys there didn’t fight that much.

Get into a good sector of the prison
Depend on the walls in there, there the only home you have known, know, and ever will know, the new dogs don’t understand loyalty to ones cell. The better you understand this, prison is nothing more than concrete bricks

Other then that, you can get a lot of education done, maybe learn of app development and make a killing selling it, or learn of different languages etc.

Try to get in a protection sector

No, in South Carolina there are no education programs. Well they have a GED program but I have my diploma so I can’t do that. They have forced work programs, you have to work on the farm six or seven days a week… Prison is much worse than jail, I’ve been in jail and it was fine but prison will be hell.

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I find it sad that this thread turned into tattoos

what’s wrong with you people?

@Sooner88 you will have to throw yourself at the mercy of the courts

on the one hand, I hate conviction of us because it perpepuates a stereotype

but if you did the crime, you’ve got to do the time

I committed the crime but I was hypomanic when I did it. I wouldn’t have done it if I were healthy.

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Hire a private lawyer and plead guilty by reason of insanity.
You will end up spending some time in a psych Hospital instead of prison.


what’s the difference?