Scared to go to sleep....dry socket fear

I snore so I am worried about getting dry socket where my tooth was…I think I will stay up all night unless someone can talk me out of it…any ideas?

Take a sleeping pill maybe

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Did you ever get to sleep? I hope you didn’t end up staying awake. Dry socket isn’t going to occur just because you snore. Think of all the millions of people that snore. They don’t all get dry socket. I seriously doubt that the two are correlated.


I finally went to bed and got up four hours later to take a pain pill…I feel rested enough…thanks @Happy_H I feel better.

It’s hard to get dry socket unless you’re smoking or using straws. I had that fear after my teeth were pulled also, but it was fine. Just do everything they tell you to.

And even if you did get dry socket, it’s not the end of the world. You would just need some extra care. You can learn more here

It’s not a permanent condition. It’s just temporarily painful, until you heal properly.

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