Scared they will take me away

I can’t seem to find anyone here who was afraid of being taken away at age 40 like me. My family act like robots. My boyfriend who is very intelligent says I’m not crazy, that he knew crazy people that have died crazy and I’m not it. I believe him. But I still can’t get over how depressing it is that they’ll take me away and turn me into a man, the dictator. And my boyfriend who is now cruel will find it funny after he abandons me. (Maybe he isn’t cruel, but he won’t be maybe able to stop it from happening). It’s so messed up but I get to be happy for 10 years until this happens. And then I go to hell in the end.

I feel like some predator posting here because I feel like responses help me feel better. But I feel like I’m not in the appropriate forums because I don’t really have this problem. But living in my own reality makes me feel better than the real reality.

Any responses? :frowning:

Weve tried several times to tell you it’s just a delusion and that there’s nothing that would make the govnerment kidnap some random schizophrenic person, give them plastic surgery, and then murder and torture them.

It’s JUST A DELUSION and the sooner you stop feeding it the better.


Clearly you are mentally ill. So am I.

But you probably took a kernel of truth and made a mountain of it from a mole hill.

The odds of this happening are like 1 in a few million I suppose. Just a guess.

I never had delusions of plastic surgery or anything. I’ve read like pretty much every conspiracy out there. The only one I don’t believe practically is the flat earth theory, which is pretty much the dumbest conspiracy theory out there and cracks me up.

I like this website, but most people here haven’t heard of MK-Ultra or even accept it or believe in it, despite all the documented, factual proof that it happened and that they even admitted to it. Same thing like Area 51. I’m sure some people deny it exists here. They’re called trolls or shills in the conspiracy movement.

Yeah the problem with conspiracy theorists is that the people who come up with the theories or try to spread them grasp at straws and make mountains out of molehills. They take anything that could possibly, maybe, mean they’re not 100% wrong and present is at factual evidence. And then they throw in a bunch of fancy words and pseudo-scientific babble, and the lesser intelligent people are hooked.

It’s so easy to fall for those things if you don’t think critically and question their sources.

Have you ever heard of a plastic surgery conspiracy theory? I haven’t and that’s why this scares me as something real.

Actually I have!

Can you tell me about it? I’m worried that because I haven’t heard about it it didn’t come from my subconscious so could be real.

I don’t want to feed into your delusions. I think I’ve said enough. Have you taken meds and seen a therapist recently?

Good luck.

Yes I take like 4 of them. What scares me is I’ve known a real operative who did kill himself. Not only have I met him my ex worked with him. If no one believes me it just lets the establishment win.

My husband hates the term “crazy” and you aren’t crazy, you’re sick. We all are and it’s ok. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. It sounds very scary. Is your boyfriend helping you talk to your doctor about all of this? Have you told your doctor?

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I do question the sources.

My worst delusion is simulation theory; the idea that we live in a computer program or matrix. I cannot get it out of my head, stop fixating on it, and stop obsessing about it. It’s hell. It’s worse than any of my other delusions. I try to rationalize it by saying it’s isomorphic to one meaning it shares all the same properties of an artificial reality, but isn’t one.

In 2011 when I had drug induced psychosis, God was talking to me in my NDE, and told me I’m stuck in the matrix. Now, years later, I have memories of being outside the simulation and running it. I’m trapped here as a schizophrenic in a time loop for eternity. That’s my delusion anyways. It causes so much fear and anxiety. I don’t think any amount of medication or therapy will help it. Deep down inside, I think it’s partially true. I google it constantly, and it makes sense scientifically.

That and I think you can have an artifical reality WITHIN a real universe. I don’t know if that’s possible or likely though. There has to be some kind of base reality or “skeleton” allowing a species to evolve via evolution or something.

I’m worried about going to hell where they physically torture you for eternity. I think that’s worse.

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